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Bushy Tanks were approached by clients to custom manufacture liner Tanks to replace tanks that had served their time. With modern coatings available their reliability today surpasses tanks made 10 + years ago.  New reinforcing and flexible liner technology has made the liner tank a formidable force in large water storage


Having the ability to custom manufacture our capacities range from 90,000 litres up to 500,000 litres for commercial mining construction.


All components of our liner tanks are corrosion protected by either hot dipped galvanised or 2 pack epoxy, whichever is the most suitable.


Roof trusses are hot dipped galvanised and all hardware and fasteners are galvanised. Wall sheet thickness range from 1.6mm up to 3mm, depending on the size of the tank. Wall  sheets are galvanised or zincalume construction depending on client’s specifications


Liner material thickness range from lightweight 0.5mm-0.9mm reinforced Polypropelene and PVC’s to heavy duty 1.0mm LLDVPE.


Outlet sizes range from 50mm – 315mm, fabricated in Polyethelene to suit draw off and pump requirements.



Liner TankLiner TankLiner TankLiner TankLiner TankLiner Tank


Revamping existing liner tanks that have been decommissioned by supplying and new liner, replacing or reconditioning fittings depending on condition, press new wall sheets, replace any roof if needed, reinstating the tank back to production.

Liner Tank


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  1. Decommission tank
  2. Fittings Reconditioned
  3. New wall sheets, pressed and fitted