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Preparing for arrival of your tank


Delivery costs


Delivery distances are determined from the supply centre.


  • Zone 1 (within 200 km) – Delivery cost is $65
  • Zone 2 (200-500 km) – 10% of tank sale price
  • Zone 3 (500 km+) – POA
  • Mining and industrial – POA


If in doubt, please contact us to confirm your delivery cost


Preparing for the arrival of your tank


Preparing your site for installation


Many factors determine the location of your water tank


Walk around your house and note the locations of your downpipes. It is simpler and cheaper the install your tank closest to a downpipe. Once you have selected an appropriate site, you can begin to prepare this site for the tank.


  1. Check with local council for regulations relating to rain water tank installations.
  2. The site must be a solid, level, with a compacted base, that extends beyond the diameter of the tank that will not be eroded by wind or rain. Suitable bases include brick, concrete, sand or crusher dust surface between 300mm and 400mm in depth.
  3. Please handle Bushy rainwater tank with handled with care. When moving into position, avoid rough and sharp surfaces
  4. Water tank stands can be used but must be designed by a qualified consulting engineer.


Tank Plumbing


Please ensure your tank is installed by a qualified plumber in accordance with your local council regulations


Decide on Your Plumbing Fittings


Please advise prior to delivery if you need any extra fittings or valves. Extra fittings are available upon request at additional cost. See fittings & accessories for more information.


Prepare Access for Delivery


We have a truck and trailer that is oversize and needs a lot of clear access. Please check gates, roads, roundabouts, crossings and overhanging trees on your property so that we can deliver your tank without damage. If delivery cannot be made to your site – crane or other equipment hire is at purchaser’s expense. If access is not clear to the site, your tank will be left at the closest point.


On the Delivery Day


Our driver will need help to unload your tank from the truck, therefore, could you please have able-bodied people available to assist at time of delivery. If assistance cannot be provided then hire or use of any equipment is at purchaser’s expense i.e crane hire, 4WD tractor hire, backhoe hire, frontend loader hire.


  • 11 600 – 16 500 Litres – 2 people + driver
  • 22 710 – 26 700 Litres – 3 people + driver
  • 35 800 – 35 800 Litres – 5 people + driver


Upon delivery it is essential that 2.5cm of water is put into the tank. If water is not available ensure that the tank is tied down to secure it from being blown away and damaged


We will help site the tanks only if the site is ready and accessible for the truck and trailer combination of 21m long, 2.5m wide and 5m high. Please ensure that you notify logistics if there is not sufficient space for the truck and trailer to be turned around (a minimum of 50m turning space is required) and also of any obstacles (i.e. low power lines, etc) that the driver will need to consider.



PLEASE NOTE: the driver has the final decision to assess suitability of the site and will place the tank as near to the pad as safely possible if he considers the site to be unsafe or not easily accessible


Please be safe
Do not work alone or enter tank. This is a confined space. Always wear safety gear and safety eye glasses when drilling.