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Specialty Tanks

Bushy tanks have a range of specialty tanks in various sizes. The cone bottom tanks can be used for settling out different weight liquids, mixing tanks, can be changed into a clarifier top for effluent systems. Have small diameter tanks for header tanks as well as settling tanks. Mostly used as anoxic chambers for waste water treatment.


Have a urethane foam machine for insulating tanks, used mainly as chiller tanks for concrete batching, also used for eye washing bays and general water storage insulation where water temperature needs to be controlled in high temperatures climates. More cost effective and better cooling efficiency than wrapping tanks with insulation foil blankets. Foam is painted using an acrylic protective coating available in most color bond colours.


If you have a need for a different configuration in tanks, please email us and we wil try and find something that suits your purpose.


Industrial Chemical Tank

Insulation to cool tanks for concrete batching

Cone bottom tanks

Airation tank