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Industrial & Specialty Tanks

Bushy tanks can manufacture a range of industrial and commercial grade tanks to suit our client’s needs. We can bend sheet to make small chemical tanks using HDPE or roto-mould tanks from 700 litres up to 47900 litres.


Depending on the application, whether it be effluent plants, sludge, acid and alkalis, Bushy Tanks can mould various SG ratings from 1.25SG to 1.5 SG. Depending on the size up to 2.0SG for smaller tank sizes. When enquiring about the industrial tanks, we will need to know the SG, (Specific Gravity) of the liquid, the PH (Acid or Alkali), cycle (empty, fill) times, the operating temperatures (climate, location) and any extreme variables to the temperatures other than operational. This is taken into consideration and any clarification needed can be sent to the material supplier for verification and recommendation sought.

Bushy Tanks have a full time mechanical engineer to help with converting any drawings, draw up any modifications, and help with any layout drawings before production starts. This saves time and money for our clients as they can see the end concept and measurements.


There have been major advances in polymer over the last 10 years and Bushy Tanks have a range of polymers, mainly C6 and C8 for stiffness and impact which are used for tanks. We also have HDPE grades for underground pits and tanks. Please ask if you need any information or data sheets on these materials.


Bushy Tanks have been welding PE for over 10 years now. During this time we have identified that many clients aren’t in a position to have onsite welder. We are able to offer this as a service to help setup tanks and layouts, weld in fittings and any modifications needed. Our staffs have been trained in Polyethylene welding and fabrication to PMBWELD309B, Butt, Electro fusion, and socket welding to PMDWELD301B, 302B standards. We have a fully mobile welding vehicle set up at your disposal.


Any questions please send through an enquiry and we will do our best for find a solution.